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About Me

I’ve been appearing on camera since the age of 6, and I have extensive on-set experience from a wide variety of films, short films, commercials and documentaries.


I also have a deep love of radio and I present two regular shows that broadcast on FM Radio and online.


I've worked with brands such as the BBC, ITV, Disney, Instagram, ExpressFM, Riverside Radio, Secret London, 4 Music, Scuf Gaming and even the History channel. Maybe your project is next?

Height: 5"7

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: London, UK

IMG_9369_masked (2).png
Urban Myth Films.jpeg
Presenting / Hosting / Appearances

2023 | Riverside Radio | 'Nicks Noughties'

Distribution: DAB & ONLINE

Radio Presenter

2023 | ExpressFM | 'Express Pride with Nick McCluskey'

Distribution: FM, DAB & ONLINE

Radio Presenter

2022 | ITV | 'Don't Hate The Playaz'
Distribution: ITV 2, ITV Player
Audience Member

2021 | Three Note Soup | Interviewing DJ Craig Gorman

Distribution: IGTV, YouTube

Presenter & Director

2020 | Three Note Soup | 'A special message from HRH Princess Benedikte'

Distribution: IGTV, Facebook

Presenter & Director

2021 | Lightspeed Commerce | 'The Right Course x Fred Siriex'

Distribution: Lightspeed website, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter

Off Camera Interviewing

2020 | Three Note Soup | 'Interviewing Mathilde Sonder'

Distribution: IGTV, Facebook

Presenter & Director

2020 | Three Note Soup | 'Interviewing Palle Pedersen'

Distribution: IGTV, Facebook

Presenter & Director

2020 | 4 Music & Box Hits | 'Everybody Wants Summer' EP 2


2016 | HabboFunFM | Daytime Presenter / Radio DJ
Distribution: online
Radio DJ

2022 | British Library | 'A Tribute to Niall McDevitt'
Distribution: YouTube


2021 | BBC | 'Holby City'

Distribution: BBC, BBC iPlayer

Walk on: Gormless Teenager

2021 | BBC | 'EastEnders (2021 Christmas Day Ep)'

Distribution: BBC, BBC iPlayer

Supporting Artist: Passerby

2021 | Urban Myth Films | 'War of The Worlds S2'

Distribution: Disney+

Supporting Artist: Passerby

2021 | Sister Pictures Ltd | IN-PRODUCTION (The Power)

Distribution: TBC

Supporting Artist: Passerby

2021 | Sister Pictures Ltd | 'This is going to hurt'

Distribution: BBC Two & AMC

Supporting Artist: Irish Mates

2021 | Shoe Bucket Limited | 'Ted Lasso S2'

Distribution: Apple TV

Supporting Artist: Ball boy  

2021 | See-Saw Films | 'Heartstopper'

Distribution: Netflix

Supporting Artist: Student 

2020 | October Films | 'The Machines That Made America'

Distribution: History channel

Featured Actor 'Tin Can Boy'

Supporting Artist 'Press'

2020 | World Media Rights | Ancient Apocalypse Documentary Series

Distribution: TBC

Featured Actor: 'Young David Stewart'

2020 | Big Deal Films | 'Sparks Series 1 EP 7'

Distribution: BBC iPlayer

Supporting Artist 'Bonfire Friend'

2018 | Marianne Murray | 'Laindon'

Distribution: Institute of Contemporary Arts

Extra 'Portal Person'

2005 | Torriano Infant School | 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Lead Child Actor​ 'Max'

2022 | Unknown | 'The Crown S6'

Distribution: Unknown

Supporting Artist: Student

2022 | Shoe Bucket Limited | 'Ted Lasso S3'

Distribution: Apple TV

Supporting Artist: Football Fan

2022 | BBC | 'Grime Kids' (In-Production)

Distribution: BBC, BBC iPlayer

Supporting Artist

2022 | BBC | 'EastEnders'

Distribution: BBC, BBC iPlayer

Supporting Artist: Young patient 

2022 | World Productions | 'Fifteen-Love'

Distribution: TBC

Supporting Artist: Tennis Player

2022 | See-Saw Films | 'Heartstopper S2'

Distribution: Netflix

Supporting Artist: Student 

2022 | Clerkenwell Films | 'Baby Reindeer'

Distribution: Netflix

Supporting Artist: Partygoer

2022 | Sid Gentle Films | 'Extraordinary'

Distribution: Disney+

Supporting Artist: Student

Commercials & Social Media

2022 | Windgoo | Digital Commercial

Distribution: All socials + client website

Male Model

2020 | Scuf Gaming | Digital Commercial

Distribution: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Supporting Artist​

2020 | Secret London | 'What does Pride mean to you?'

Distribution: Facebook, Instagram


Training &

2005 | Young Actors Theatre | Life Time Scholarship 

2019 - 2020 | Instagram | UK Ambassador Program

As an Instagram ambassador, I partnered with the Instagram marketing team to help shape the future of the Instagram brand and product. I shared my perspectives with the product teams and tested out new features before they launched to the wider community.

I also had the opportunity to craft my public speaking skills by participating in [focus groups/speaking opportunities/media opportunities], and helped uphold Instagram’s commitment to being a supportive platform by participating in anti-bullying initiatives.


2020 | Mackness Collective | Sand Mackness Collective Striped tee

Distribution: Instagram

Photographer: Adam Ali

Male Model

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